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Ephesians 5 Man

IMG_3790From the time we were little girls, most of us have dreamt of our wedding day. It all starts when we play with our Barbie and Ken dolls and continues on when we have our first crush. In a world where romance and weddings are amplified by Pinterest dream wedding boards and fairytale romance shows like The Bachelorette where men fight for a woman’s heart and woo her with extravagant vacations, gifts, and in the end a huge engagement ring. {Provided for free by a jeweler in exchange for some national advertising,} We girls sort of have a ‘fill-in-the-groom’ mentality of our wedding day. We think about how we will do our hair and what type of dress we will wear, we wonder what colors will be the ‘wedding colors’ and almost every detail in between. Ask most girls what they want in a husband and they will say “Tall, dark and handsome” or maybe “Blonde hair, blue eyes and washboard abs.” My question to you is how often when you ask a woman what she wants in a man does she start with aspects that are not purely physical?

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Dwelling on the Past

Do you dwell upon your past mistakes and sins? Do you ever get the feeling of hopelessness/helplessness? Feel like you’ve run into dead end after dead end, with nowhere left to turn? As if everyone around you doesn’t see or understand you? Exhausted, lonely, afraid, worrisome, anxious, shattered, weak and uneasy? It’s an awful experience. It is such an easy trap to fall into as well.

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