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Daughters of a King


We are each unique individuals, an exceptionally diverse group of women with so many different variables and extremes. But the one thing that we all have in common is that we are loved beyond measure by our father, and our father is THE King. Therefore, we are royalty! So it is high time we put on our tiaras and start acting like the princesses that we are! We have got to start realizing our worth and value – and owning that worth and value!Daughter of a King Read more…



We live in a world where we are constantly trying to cleanse ourselves of unhealthy things. We realize processed food is bad for us and then we stop eating it. We realize sugar is bad for us so we try to cut that out of our diet as well, and now there is tons of gluten free products that are all the rage. We try cleanses, fasts, exercise regimens, diets and supplements all in the name of detoxifying our bodies from things that aren’t meant to be in them. We focus on our body, and yes…our bodies are temples of God. but aren’t our bodies just the shells of our souls? We focus on making our exterior beautiful but it’s what is on the inside that really matters, what really counts for something.

The Power of Yes

“Hey…. I’m just saying ‘yes’ to life… ‘cause… you gotta say ‘yes’ to life…. I’m in a secret covenant…..”

Jim Carrey in Yes Man.

I won’t ask you to go watch this movie if you haven’t seen it (though it is pretty cute and funny), but it does have a good basic idea that could teach many of us a bit of a lesson. Anyways, I watched this movie not too long ago and it had me thinking of the actual power yes has. Where saying yes can take us. And of course Kait and I (Austi) here at His Yes Girls are striving to live a yes filled life!

Now, I am not talking about following the basic summary of the movie and just saying yes to every single thing that comes along. But saying yes to God when he asks us to do certain things for Him and saying yes to those opportunities that God places in front of us.

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The Drive of Life

“Nobody drives you anywhere if you don’t let them take the wheel.”

(Statement made earlier today by the CEO of the company I work for.)


This statement couldn’t be truer. The only way that the actions or words of anyone else can have an effect on us is if we allow them to. However, this goes two ways.

We hear (and say) it a lot. “Such-and-such put me in a bad mood, because……”. “Ugh, I cannot believe what such-and-such did, now I am aggravated”. “Such-and-such drove me to this”. “This happened and now I am in a bad mood”; etc., etc., etc….. You get the picture…..

The things that happen, what other people do or say affects us when we let it affect us. If we just made the decision to not allow those things to have a negative effect on us then they wouldn’t. It is, indeed a choice.

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Shine On

Shine On.

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