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Striving To Be The Real Deal

Christian: a person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings.

I look all around me and know many people who are Christian. For a long time I was what you could call a ‘cookie cutter’ Christian. I believed in God and had my salvation, every night I would lay in bed and said my prayers. When things got rough I prayed for God to help me. I said all the right things about God and my belief in Him but I didn’t practice what I preached. I lived my life feeling never good enough for God, like I was disappointing Him with many of the things that I did. This caused me to always keep God at an arm’s length, I didn’t want to get to close to Him, because in my mind God would be even more disappointed in me the closer I got. When I prayed at night, I didn’t ask God what He wanted for me in my life, I would give God my list of requests and pray, plead for Him to just make my wishes and hopes to come true. Now, a lot of times I thank God for those unanswered prayers. I have the definition of Christian written above this, but to me being a Christian is much more than that definition. Being a Christian is not religion but relationship. Above all, being a Christian is striving to be Christ-like

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

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