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Shine On


If people who knew you were having a conversation about what it means to be a Christian, would you come to their minds? And would this be a positive implication of what a Christian should be? Would they admire and respect you for being a Christian? Would they feel motivated to follow your route to God’s grace? Would they be persuaded by your actions to become a Christian?

Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.

Claim your belief! Let the people around you know of your faith and belief in God. You don’t have to go around preaching at any/everyone, but let it show that God is the one who has made your life what it is, that He has brought you to where you are and made you into the person you are.

Go the extra mile. Lend a helping hand to family, friends, and even strangers in their times of need. You don’t have to allow people to take advantage of you, but there are small things that can be done that show that you’re a good person because of your faith in Christ. Be the kind of person with whom people will trust to approach when they need a sympathetic ear.

Be positive. It is common to run into people every day who are rude because either that is just how they carry themselves or they could just be going through something or having a bad day. Show kindness to everyone, even those who may not be kind to you. Show compassion and consideration and love. “Kill them with kindness” rather than retaliating destructively to their cynicism.

Reach out. It is easy for us to get into our little groups and cliques and share our faith with those who we become accustomed to congregating with, but we have got to reach out to others as well. Everyone deserves to be introduced to the love and grace of God.

Pay it forward. When we live in the grace and love of God we receive blessings. There may be a person in our lives who isn’t under the grace of the Lord, so we can be a blessing to that person by paying it forward, but letting them know it wasn’t because of you, but because God wants his grace to be extended to them as well.

There are so many other ways that we can let His light shine through us. So many ways we can lead those around us to salvation simply by showing them how wonderful our God is.

We would love to hear examples on other ways that you let His light shine through you! Respond in the comment section, submit your response in the form below or send us an email at hisyesgirls[at]yahoo[dot]com.



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