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Feeding the Spirit – Hearing His Voice


hearing his voice



There is absolutely nothing greater and more rewarding than knowing that we are feeding our spirits, and when we hear and listen to the voice of the Lord we know that we are indeed doing just that. We are getting closer and closer to the path of righteousness; closer to His grace.



Listening and hearing gives us the opportunity to receive answers. A lot of times, when we pray, we are asking for answers, wondering which direction to go, or what we need to do.  But if all we do is run our mouths (yes, even in prayer) we don’t give Him the chance to give us answers. We need to listen and hear to what He has to say. It may not always be the answer we want to hear, but it is His way.

Listening to the voice of God will bring us to peace. When we are simply quiet and listen it brings peace to our hearts and minds. His answers and words will bring us calmness and steadiness. His voice will guide us to safety. His voice will shield us from harm.


Our faith is very important to those of us who are wanting to feed our spirit. Diamond-strong faith is one of the things that we are hoping to gain from feeding our spirit. Listening will strengthen our Faith. When we open ourselves up to listening our Faith becomes stronger. We become eager to hear even more from Him.


How does God speak to us?

2tim316God can speak to us in many ways. One of the main ways He speaks to us is through the Word. There are tons of messages that God has given us in the Bible. You could read the same passage over and over again for years then all of the sudden one day you could get a whole new message from it. That is God using His Word to speak to you.



James 3-17God will, at times, use others (friends, family, etc) to speak to us. We must be cautious with this because some people will use this to their advantage. But, you can hear His voice from others. Much of the time that person may not even be aware that God is speaking through them! Whether or not you have doubts, if someone tells you something is a message from God, it is wise to get confirmation and affirmation from Him. A message that comes from Him through others will line up with His Word and will leave you feeling more peaceful, not confused.

The voice of the Lord moves, speaks and reveals itself in countless other ways. Through music, dreams, and through others means that at times are almost inexplicable (those “it just came to me” moments). Hearing the voice of the Lord is so incredible. It is difficult, near impossible to describe it in entirety, or even to narrow it down to what it does for us, how it works, and what it sounds like.

 We would love to hear how you hear from God!!!!
Leave us a comment and let us know!!!

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4 thoughts on “Feeding the Spirit – Hearing His Voice

  1. I heard from God through your writing this post on how to hear from God! I’ve been hoping to hear from God better and in your post today when you mentioned how we’re not going to hear if we’re always talking (or distracted) and not taking time to truly LISTEN to God after we talk! Powerful post! 🙂 Keep the good work going! 🙂


    • Austi (Sullivan) Garrett on said:

      Yes, we are all guilty of not letting God get a word in edge wise… I am glad this post was able to speak to you!!!! 🙂


  2. yes its incredeble listening and hearing God speak to us in various ways.HE is an amazing GOD. Stay blessed

    Liked by 1 person

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