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Feeding the Spirit – Living in Prayer



Each time we pray our relationship with the Lord grows closer. How awesome is it that He wants to be so much more than just a ruler over our lives; He wants us to be able to talk to Him as we would talk to a best friend. He wants our trust and companionship. He wants to be the first one we turn to in all things: good, bad, happy, sad, upset, confused, grateful, etc. He wants us to be confident in the relationship that we have with Him, and to know that He is always there!



Prayer gives us strength in the journey through life. There will always be difficult times for us on this earth, but with God we have the strength to handle them. Anything that comes our way we can overcome. Of course it gets more and more difficult at times, but that is why we pray; we pray for the strength to rule the things in our life. Our lives do not have to spiral out of control, we do have the power and strength through the Lord to hold our lives steady.

Prayer brings Peace to the heart and soul. Whenever I am in distress I know that if I simply quiet my mind and pray to God I will feel peace. No, it doesn’t automatically make everything better, but it gives me the chance to look at the situation with a more leveled mindset. Praying reassures what I already know: that everything is going to be OK, eventually, and I am not alone.


Prayer gets us closer to receiving answers. There things that we are unsure of; choices and decisions that weigh on us. We rarely will get those answers as some big declaration, but by praying we are giving God the opportunity to give the answers to us in one way or another. Sometimes, we will get our answers in an eye-opening fashion. But if we are never asking for answers through prayer, we are unlikely to receive them.


What is Prayer?

Hebrews 13-15
Prayer is letting God know that we are giving Him our trust by opening up and pouring out our hearts to Him. Prayer is the act of coming into that spiritual place where you can connect with your Father by sacrificing your words and thoughts to Him. Prayer is approaching Him in all of His Glory with confidence and a certainty that He is there to listen. Prayer is simply talking to and communicating with The Lord.

How do you Pray?

The Lords PrayerThere is no right or wrong way to pray. I believe the way you pray all depends upon the situation, and your comfort level. You can pray in your mind or with a quiet whisper, or you can speak clearly. Sometimes you may feel like crying out, while other times you may not have much to say so you can just meditate. A prayer is simply a conversation between you and the Lord. He will hear you no matter how you pray.

If you are new to praying or perhaps just gaining strength in your faith you may be a little hesitant as to what to say. But the more you pray, the bolder you will become and finding the words will be easier.


When do you Pray?

Matt66Unceasingly! [1 Thessalonians 5:17] All the time. There is no time that isn’t appropriate for prayer. At work, while driving, at church, in school, at home, everywhere and all the time (just not in a boastful/look at me way)! Like I wrote in the “How do you pray?” section above, you can pray in your mind/heart or in a quiet whisper if you have to. Now, while you can pray everywhere and anywhere, as often as possible you should go into a room by yourself and pray, as this is the best time that you can truly connect with that spiritual place.


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4 thoughts on “Feeding the Spirit – Living in Prayer

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  3. Tuesday morning i wake up, then looked at my phone and the date is 13th May 2014, something gnawed at me about this day, there is something i am supposed to know about this day – i tell myself, so i keep thinking i might be forgetting someone s birthday but i cant seem to remember who the person is. An hour later i said “Father your will be done” i am not going to let myself be consumed by this day. I get to work and still cant shake off the feeling that the 13th is a day to keep in mind. Then one of the guys i work with lends me his gospel CD, i decide to play it and when i get to Track 5, this song says “ke tla iphelelela ka thapelo” which translates to ‘I WILL LIVE FOR PRAYER’ and it awakened something very strong in me and couldn’t help but smile and tear up, i played this song the whole day and also downloaded it on my phone, when i got home i played and danced to it before my daily rosary prayers.. I knew then that God was telling me to keep praying unceasingly because i was wondering on Sunday if i should maybe skip my rosary prayers..
    This song got me so excited and i coulnt help but glorify Father and give my thanks..
    I am soo renewed in my Faith and will never cease to pray.

    When i played this song the following day it didnt have that same effect on me, i love it but i believe it was meant to give me a message on the 13th.


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