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Feeding the Spirit – Studying the Word


Studying the Word

Imagine that we are all ships sitting out in the ocean. At times the waters are calm, while at other times there are storms and rough waters. We know we need an anchor whenever the waters are rough, otherwise we would end up way off course. However, even when the waters are calm there is always a current, and that current can will pull us away from where we are supposed to be. So we must always have that anchor ready so we don’t float away. Reading and studying the Word keeps us grounded, ensuring that we don’t drift off or become lost.  The Bible is an anchor to hold us steady through the perils of life (from the rough waves to the calm waters).
psalm328We are constantly on the journey through life. I know for myself when I am traveling somewhere new, I need a map, otherwise I will definitely end up lost. I cannot rely only upon road signs or mile markers, if I don’t have my actual map then I will miss the sign that I need to see. The Bible is a road map for our travels through life, ensuring that we have directions to our next and final destination.




We all go through, or have gone through, times of desperation, sadness, fear, hopelessness, shame, and many other times of distress. We do not have to allow those times to overtake us, we can will overcome them, and we can will defeat them. There is no reason for us to dwell on those circumstances. The Bible is our refuge and shield from pain, and our source for strength and understanding in our times of need.

psalm1218There is a ton of tips, advice, and recommendations out there of how we are to live, and how we are to love. Even most worldly people have morals and ethics. Living a good and kind life is good, but simply is not enough to reach our full potential, and receive the grace to enter the kingdom of heaven. Life is more than just following the rules and going through the motions that are pleasing to our fellow man. The Bible is the guide of how we must live and love to the fullest.


These are just a few examples of what the Word can do for us. But you might be wondering, “How do I find the right books, scriptures, and verses for my particular situation?” or “Where do I start?” Well there is really no right or wrong answer for these questions. Simply beginning is the key.

Now, reading the Bible is indeed good, but simply reading or skimming is not Studying. Studying the Word entails coming to a better understanding. Sometimes some research is required to come to a better understanding of what is written. Praying and meditating is also a great way to come to a better understanding. There are parts of the Bible that can be misunderstood, or even read out of context, so making sure to fully understand what is read/studied is essential.

At times, when I open my Bible, I do not know what I am going to be studying. If I have not predetermined the actual scriptures or verses that I am going to read that day sometimes I will just let my Bible fall open and just start to read. Doing this doesn’t always lead to eye opening revelations, but many times there will be something that sticks out and I will then know where I need to go.

Other times I will read a scripture in my daily devotional, online, or one will simply pop into my mind and this will be my starting point; or a certain topic will be weighing on my heart, so I will look in the subject index in the back of the Bible (or I will use www.openbible.info to search for topics). {Always being sure to read the verses surrounding the referenced verse to ensure that it isn’t taken out of context}.

Then there are still times that I don’t get any inspiration, when this happens my go-to books are Psalms, Proverbs, and Song of Solomon. I enjoy the lyrical and poetic flow these books have. I sit there reading with my highlighter, pen and my sticky tabs by my side and just start to read. 99% of the time at least one verse will stand out to me, so I will highlight it. Even if nothing sticks out at me during the whole time that I am reading at least I know I am studying. Days, weeks or even months down the line I will remember something that I read and go back to those scripture I read, which is why I stick a tab on there so that I can semi-easily find it.

I also like to keep my phone or computer handy. Not as a distraction (I put my phone on airplane mode so I cannot receive any texts or calls), but I use it to research words or phrases that I don’t quite understand. If I do feel like my phone or laptop will be a distraction I will bring some paper and write down those things and look them up when I am finished studying.

1cor141My plan is to start keeping a journal. I think this will help keep all of my thoughts and notations in one place so it will be easier to reference at later times. (I can be a little scatter brained and have a tendency to misplace things). I actually gave Kait a journal for this sort of purpose as a “thanks for being my bridesmaid” gift, but I have never actually used one myself… But I intend on starting that this week (in fact I will start this evening)!!!!

Studying the Word is an essential key to feeding the Spirit and the Soul. Studying will also bring relationships with the Lord to a greater level, a healthier level. Both reading and studying have always given me a sense of peace and calm tranquility.


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