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Alexis in Autumn 2012
Hello Readers,
We are very excited to introduce our guest blogger, Alexis! Alexis will be guest posting for HYG seasonally (first post coming in April!!!!). She is very passionate, like us, about sharing the Word of the Lord! Be sure to read her introduction! And we look forward to sharing her seasonal posts with all of our readers!

Meet Alexis, Guest Blogger:

Hi! I’m Alexis A. Goring. I’m passionate about GOOD NEWS (the gospel of Jesus Christ according to The Holy Bible and inspirational true stories from modern day life), reaching hearts for Jesus Christ, serving God with all my might, sweet potato pie (my grandma’s recipe is the BEST), green tea from PANERA, family, friends who are blessings from God, my church, wedding and lifestyle photography, vegetarian Filipino and Indian food, and the everyday moments and relationships that make life beautiful! Click Here to Read More About Alexis….


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  1. Monica on said:

    Exciting news Alexis!I can’t wait to read the first article!!


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