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2014: a year of bountiful harvest

Gird up your loins (prepare your mind for action) and grab your basket for the seeds which have sewn are nearly ready to bear fruit. Be fervent in prayer as I extend my hand to you my righteous child. The dreams that scare you are where you will reap your harvest in the coming day. All at once it will come, bountiful and renewed, freeing the shackles from your ankles and your wrists to an open meadow where you will run, burden off of your back and light are your feet, you will run and continue running toward the horizon. For now be still my Child and do not fear about tomorrow because tomorrow is already finished. Continue to walk without hesitation in the land which I have domiciled you for I am your justice and jury and in you, I see no fault. Be prepared to walk through the threshold as I hold your hand, though it may seem like it-you are not alone. I leave you with this, be prepared through greatness for you have already conquered this world. I have chosen you but more importantly you have chosen to be my child by choosing me. Be faithful my child

His word is truth, we are so greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved.


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2 thoughts on “2014: a year of bountiful harvest

  1. Judy Spradley on said:

    Thank you for sharing the Father’s heart! Praise be to Him who is already in our tomorrow!


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