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Come my sons and daughters. Hold my hand. You do not need to worry and fret over the things of this world. I am all great and all powerful and nothing can harm my children! I have basked you with my Light and my Glory. I have given you all of the tools you need! I have shielded you with my Love and Grace. The only thing that hinders my people is the hesitation of the heart. You must believe to achieve! You must reach over the ledge beyond your line of sight and grab hold of what you cannot see. You must trust that I will pull you up and over any obstacles. By me you can climb the highest mountain. By me you can reach the top! Judge not the hesitation of your neighbor and fellow man, instead send out words which will encourage. Focus not on the steps that your neighbor has, but focus on your own path. Reaching the top is not a competition, there will be no winner. For with my hands I can hold the hand of every person who reaches for it. Cry not for the weak and weary but lead by example. Envy not the person above you for there is not a single prize, but a prize for each and every one. Come to me my sons and daughters, hold my hand.


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2 thoughts on “message

  1. This has touched my heart so deeply. I’m going through so many trials and carrying so many burdens.. But reading this gives me hope to carry on and trust him in areas that I refused to trust him in. It’s always been a struggle to trust God with another persons heart.. I feel like I have to be the one to take care of it. But reading this has reminded me that God takes care of our hearts and it’s not our place to worry about what God is taking care of. We just need to follow his path for our lives.. Thank you for this. God definitely spoke it through you.


    • You are so right, sometimes it is TOUGH!! But God is tougher…He can move mountains! Rely on Him because HE is our strength and without Him we truly are nothing. He has your best interests already in His plans!!! 🙂


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